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Why Feedback is an Essential Part of Job Search

Rejection — the most dreaded word in a job applicant’s dictionary. When Paul, a marketing professional between jobs, did not hear back again from his prospective employer, he knew the best he could do was move on. But without feedback, he felt stuck. He knew he was making the same

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An Effective Cover Letter: Your Best Foot Forward

You have your résumé ready and are actively job-hunting. You find out about a position that sounds perfect – it fits your background, it’s with a very reputable company, the work is exactly what you want to do. How do you land this job? Answer: By convincing the employer to

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An Effective Résumé: The First Step Towards Your Dream Job

The first thing you need when you start a job search is a résumé, which is an overview of your background and tells employers why you are the best candidate for the position they want to fill. So you can think of it as an introduction and as with all

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