We make sure we’re getting enough feedback to help the students we support at Youth UpRising, Oakland. We were lucky to find inspiring volunteers to come and speak for an hour about their work/life experience. Here’s were the outcomes:

* What have you learned about the career that has influenced the way you think about the career?

I learned that they get paid weekly,and i found out how much it would costs to get into the academy

I learned that nothing is easy and you have to work very hard to receive your certificates. I have a passion for working with others in their time of need and I think I will be a great candidate for the job. This field is going to require all of my attention and I am willing to make sacrifices to better my future

* Do you still want to pursue this career as a result of your call? Why or why not?

Absolutely, My advisor answered each of my questions and I believe he answered them truthfully. I motivated me more to want to pursue this field and work because I believe that I can finish what I’ve started. Im very grateful to be have given the opportunity to speak with him
Yes, I want to pursue truck driving because it is something I became passionate about at a young age.

* Did the mentor provide helpful information or tips that help you in deciding your career interest? If so, what were some of the tips?

Yes the information that we came up with helped me get the where i wanted to be career wise, thanks to convos for good i will be attending the academy for truck driving for swift.
STUDY and be willing to dedicate time into it. Take the work and program very serious because what you put in is what you’re going to get out of it.

* Would you like to speak to the same Advisor or another Advisor in the same field or different field?

the same
Same advisor

* What changes would most improve our service? I prefer to…

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* After every session, we send a thank you letter to our volunteer advisors. Please submit a thank you note explaining how he/she made an impact.

Randy took the time out to answer all of my questions and motivated me to continue to stay on the path that I am on and continue this journey. I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to speak with someone that knows the field and the work. To be given such a wonderful opportunity to directly speak with him has made things much easier, knowing that I am taking the right steps and will love the field that I am in. I can not thank him enough for being such a wonderful help.
Thank you convosforgood