About Us

Conversations for Good (C4G) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization connecting students and job seekers with experienced professionals. Our platform offers flexible volunteer options for advisors to provide valuable one-on-one advice to advisees. This guidance helps students and job seekers make more informed decisions about their career paths. We believe that insight and information can take the guesswork out of finding fulfilling careers, and we’re here to help people pursue the jobs they love.

Before committing to a career or professional goal, connect with the right advisor on C4G and find out what to expect from someone already in the field. Make sure that the goals you set match up to the career you really want, and take advantage of the advice and resources available here to achieve those goals. Get informed, be prepared, and expand your professional network on one useful platform.

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Theory of Change

We believe that connecting job seekers with experienced professionals bridges the information gap many people encounter when entering a new field or new job. This helps individuals find fulfilling opportunities and improves job satisfaction.