C4G is tackling career and employment challenges to help you!

Unemployment is hard.

A career change seems daunting.

You can’t see a path to a post-college job and career.

If any of the above seem familiar, then we can help.

In the upcoming series of blog posts, we will be looking at unemployment and careers through the lens of my own experience looking for a job right now.

I’ll test advice and share results. There will be no ivory tower preaching of untested theories. When you are looking for a job or looking for a change, there is no shortage of advice. What is scarce is real help.

So in the upcoming series of blog posts, we will discuss unemployment and the challenges of finding fulfilling work. The first series of blog posts will center around the topic of how the nature of employment is changing and what that means for everyone. These posts will include tips and resources that I find useful.

In the meantime, here is one concrete piece of advice that you can act on right now, regardless of time or day:

Think of someone you know who seems happy with their career or job. Email them right now and ask them if they have time to meet you for lunch, tea or coffee. Tell them you are looking at jobs and would like their advice since they seem happy with their job. Suggest some days or times, If you cannot think of anyone, please feel free to email us!

Any questions or comments are always welcome.