Mentor Profile: Dragos Bratasanu

Meet Conversations for Good Mentor Dragos Bratasanu, Ph.D. An internationally renowned scientist and social risk management expert, he is also the founder and president of Success Engineering Corporation, official provider of sustainable solutions for enhanced social and personal organization to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

With a professionally robust career, Drago has become a champion for others who wish to find their life purpose, speaking on five continents throughout the world. In his professional and personal journey, he has encountered some truly unique individuals and experiences, from NASA experts to rock stars to Buddhist monks – and it’s all on video. With his project The Amazing You, Drago shares these stories with those looking to turn the impossible into reality. Rather than promising a set of steps guaranteed to succeed, Drago offers a new approach of merging science and spirituality in order to live inspired lives and futures. You can find his program here.


In introducing this program, Drago poses the question, “What really drives us as humans to search for and cherish our most heartfelt desires?” The answer lies beyond passion, in what we want to change and what we can contribute. When asked what our plans are or where we hope to be in x amount of years, we may find ourselves drawing a blank. Rather than trying to answer those questions, though, try looking inward rather than outward at the vast amount of options before us. Assess what you care about, what you would like to be different, and what your skills can offer to our world. If you need help taking the first step, sign up to meet with a Conversations for Good mentor, either Drago or any of our other awesome careers experts.